Johnny was a big mountain of a man
with a rifle in his saddle and a pistol in his hand

He was raised on wire, rocks and mud
his mother had royal demon blood
so did Johnny

He was his daddy's pride
he whooped him hard but he never cried
Now this is the story of Johnny's last ride

He slept standing up, never had no bed
and bullet's bounced right off his head

He was a wanted man and the price was high
but how do you kill a man that just won't die
like Johnny

Though many a dead man tried
for he comes like the wind and he's gone with the tide
Galloping hard, Johnny's last ride

They were high in the saddle, side by side
Going out tonight for Johnny's last ride

His foes were many, dark and mean
but none were worse than that evil queen

Her limbs were long, she had the jaw of a man
she came from an ancient wicked clan
bad Sally

She was the Devil's bride
She hated Johnny with a jealous pride
and laid in wait for Johnny's last ride

He was lured into a deep, dark valley
in a narrow pass, in a deadly alley
Oh, Johnny

It took dynamite and a mountain side
to bury Johnny that's how he died
Poor, Johnny

And the thunderous earth did slide
Now he lays with his men, side by side
and their ghosts ride out for Johnny's last ride


from It Used To Be About The Money, released December 5, 2016
Words and music by David Healy, Rohan Healy and Alexander Healy.



all rights reserved


The Dublin City Rounders Dublin, Ireland

If The Dublin City Rounders were a dog it would be a pink bulldog with a cowboy hat, a studded leather collar and sporting a sleeveless denim jacket.

Two Irish brothers, one mind and a single beating heart made of rock n roll gold.
Whether playing a Stephen Foster esque song from the 1880’s or a brand new self penned classic you can’t take your eyes, or ears, off these lads!
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