She's a Lady, Boy & Legs Like Those are Few and Far Apart

by The Dublin City Rounders



released August 15, 2016



all rights reserved


The Dublin City Rounders Dublin, Ireland

If The Dublin City Rounders were a dog it would be a pink bulldog with a cowboy hat, a studded leather collar and sporting a sleeveless denim jacket.

Two Irish brothers, one mind and a single beating heart made of rock n roll gold.
Whether playing a Stephen Foster esque song from the 1880’s or a brand new self penned classic you can’t take your eyes, or ears, off these lads!
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Track Name: She's a Lady, Boy
Six months pay in my pocket, salt water in my veins
I'll be off this ship like a rocket, looking for fun... and games
The scent of the oriental night draws me to the shore
Oh, man I wanna drink and dance and sing... and more

Don't be fooled their modest manner's nothing but a ploy
Yo-ho-ho hiddley-hoy, she's no girl she's a lady, boy

Listen here, mister she ain't like your sister back home on the farm
The only thing you'll come to if you mess with her... is harm
Skipper tried to warn me, he told such tales of woe-woah-woah
But I wouldn't listen so in to town... I go

She'll wind you up as if you were a wind-up toy
Yo-ho-ho hiddley-hoy, she's no girl she's a lady, boy

Life is tough for a sailor, without no women it's hard
Oh lawd, swabbing the deck and living on beans... and lard
The Captain was right on that fateful night, his words they all rang true
What she had he had himself, in other words... he knew

She'll burn them Yankee dollars with rare and fiendish joy
Yo-ho-ho hiddley-hoy, she's no girl she's a lady, boy
Track Name: Legs Like Those are Few and Far Apart
Legs like those are few and far apart
And men like me are few and far between
Girl you look so good I don't know where to start
You're the prettiest woman that I ever seen

Well I lay my boots at the end of the bed and leave my hat up on the post
When we gets to lovin' we hold so tight there ain't no room for the Holy Ghost

Oh, Lawd!

Well come on baby, pull down the blinds but don't turn of the light
What God hath made mine eyes behold is such a glorious sight

God have mercy!

Well God made man and woman too so The Bible ain't against it
Just like ol' Adam in Paradise, enjoyin' every minute

Glory Hallelujah!

Now when it comes to lovin' I takes my time, I don't jump right in
I'm a natural born lover from my head to my toes, Honey lets begin

Jumpin Jehosafanny!